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Just Media Foundation is dedicated to media literacy, ethical journalism, and inclusive dialogue, transforming how individuals and communities engage with media.

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Leading the Way in Media Literacy

From media literacy training and ethical journalism promotion to inclusive dialogues and creative media programs, discover how Just Media Foundation is shaping an informed and active global community.

  • Media Literacy Training

    We equip individuals with critical skills to understand, analyze, and create media content responsibly and effectively.

  • Script Training Workshops

    We offer specialized workshops in script writing, enhancing storytelling skills and narrative techniques for aspiring content creators.

  • Ethical Journalism Promotion

    We uphold journalistic integrity and promote best practices to uphold truth, accuracy, and fairness in media.

  • Research & Advocacy

    We conduct extensive research and advocate for policies that support free, ethical, and responsible media environments.

  • Creative Media Programs

    We channel the creative abilities of young talents into impactful media projects that benefit individuals, society, and the country.

  • Citizen Journalism

    We empower citizens to actively participate in democratic debates by providing tools and training for grassroots journalism.

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Real Stories, Real Impact

Discover the inspiring journeys and positive outcomes resulting from Just Media Foundation's initiatives and programs.

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  • Empowering Voices

    Empowering Voices

    From silence to advocacy – the story of a marginalized community finding their voice

  • Digital Changemakers

    Digital Changemakers

    How our media training transformed a group of aspiring journalists into digital trailblazers

  • Amplifying Stories

    Amplifying Stories

    Unearthing unheard narratives – the impact of inclusive media dialogue series
  • Youth Impact

    Youth Impact

    Fostering the next generation – tales of passionate young change-makers

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